Bunk Bed “Umka”

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Mattress size: 90-190 cm.

Bed frame size: L1968 mm, together with chest of drawers 1976 mm, W969 mm, H 1120 mm.

Distance from the floor to the upper surface of the mattress: 460 mm

Chest of 6 drawers: H720 mm.

Drawer dimensions: front side 190 mm, depth 150 mm.
Mattress sits 2-3 cm inside the bed frame.

Material: solid pine wood.
The base is a wooden frame with slats.

The set consists of a bunk bed, a chest of drawers and shelves.

Children’s bunk beds “Umka” have unusual configuration and are made for two children.

The set includes a chest of drawers and shelves for storing.

This bunk bed perfectly fits in the room for two kids and saves a lot of space.

Nowadays, children’s solid wood beds became the most popular ones because they are made from durable eco –friendly material which lasts for decades.

You can either purchase already finished piece in our online catalog or made to order furniture.

Custom configurations like size, color, type of wood, stairs, shelves and drawers allocation are available.
Your order will be ready within 30 days and can be delivered throughout Ukraine.

Visit our color palette page to view our finish materials.

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