Carved Furniture

Carved furniture is one of man oldest known art which use in our house. Classical carved furniture will give a lofty and sophisticated look to any room.

Antique motifs in the performance of our artists will turn your dream into a piece of art.
Carved furniture is truly the finest example of quality and part of the image, in spite of constant development and changes in fashion trends.
Interior details in combination with carved wooden furniture form lofty and comfortable environment, catering both conservative and modern tastes.
Our craftsmen have big experience in working with carved furniture what is very important as this work requires pinpoint accuracy. Our masters pay attention to each detail while carving that is why all the ornaments and patterns are applied to the tree with the smallest details. That is why each one of our furniture item is unique.

We make our exclusive solid wood carved furniture from eco-friendly wood to ensure its durability, reliability and high quality. In such a way we can help to select furniture for any room, select color and structure of the furniture that will suit your taste and style. Furniture is painted individually for each order. Only you can decide if to leave natural color of an item, finish it with matte varnish or glaze.

Coming to us you get the opportunity to work directly with the manufacturer, as well as the service of experienced designers and constructors.
We will be very glad to see you among our clients!