Color Palette “Caparol 3D”

Group of companies Caparol is a leader in the market of building paints in Germany, Austria, Turkey, Georgia and Belarus.

Founded in 1985, the company with the famous colored striped elephant logo belongs to the top coating manufacturers now.
Along with paints, varnishes, enamels, glazes and plasters we are specialized in energy-efficient insulation systems, acoustic systems as well as polymer floor coatings, anti-corrosive materials and repair materials for concrete protection. Caparol company provides a large range of services to painters, architects and design engineers, from color selection to construction services.

Caparol group shows high level of technical expertise incorporating numerous innovations in the field of paints, such as the development of free-emission-and free of solvent- interior paints “ELF” or Nano-Quarz-Gitter-Technologie (NQG) paints to keep facades clean even longer. High-quality paints for facades such as Muresko, AmphiSilan, Amphibolin and ThermoSan are as popular as the best-selling interior paints Samtex 7, Indeko or CapaSilan. Such innovations as shock-resistant plasters with carbon fiber reinforcement or Melapor acoustic systems belong to the following innovations in the range.